Boyfriend broke a up with me after accusing me of cheating?

I was with my boyfriend for a year. Everything was great we were great, except for the occasional fights, but every couples does that. He asked about moving in with me and everything since I live alone. Then out of no where he starts accusing me of cheating on him with other men which I would never do nor have I never done it to him and I’ve never given him a reason to just think that. then he breaks up with me saying how he doesn’t trust me and pretty much saying a whole bunch of rude things calling me names. Then a week or 2 went by and he texted me like nothing happened. He didn’t apologize to me for the hurtful things or anything. So I ignored him, then a week went by and he texted me again. But now he texted me only to have sex with me, which pissed me off because I still didn’t get an apology. Why did he accuse me to begin with? Could he have been cheating and tried to put it on me? Help
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For all of you wondering he told me his girlfriend of 7-8 years had cheated on them. Then he got into a relationship with another woman years later and she had also cheated on him. I admit I went 2 days without talking to him but I work 12 hour shifts then have class after. I would send at least one text to him a day just to let him know I was thinking about him. After ya having a fight about the lack of communication for those days, the accusations started, I was 100% faithful to him.
Boyfriend broke a up with me after accusing me of cheating?
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