Advice for getting through a loss?

This is almost 2 almost 2 questions.

So first, a little back story. At the end of last year my girlfriend of almost 2 years took her own life. She had been struggling with depression, anxiety, etc... She really started going downhill about a month before she passed. And I found out later she had started partying (which she didn't do before) and I was told after by her best friend that she cheated on me at least twice. Keep in mind I was absolutely in love with her, and I did everything I could to help her. It just wasn't enough.

So my two questions are, 1. Does anyone have any advice for me on moving on from her death? And 2. How do you get over being cheated on? I've struggled a lot with this because of how much I loved her, and that I can't even ask why she did it. Not that I really should know anyways.

I have a another question. But that will be asked at a later time.
Advice for getting through a loss?
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