When is the last time you told someone you have feelings for that you don't?

Why did you lie to them or mislead them or omit the truth?

meaning you do not have feelings for them but you say you do : )


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  • I think sometimes I like the feeling of being in love... and it is easy to get caught up in that.

    • Sorry. Did not make it clear. I was asking about consciously LYING to someone about your feelings for them. Telling someone you DO HAVE feelings for, that you do NOT have feelings for them.

      Not being mistaken about thinking you have feelings you do not. Like being in love and saying you only want to be friends. or you never want to see them again. Or you were only being 'nice' etc.

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    • I don't think that telling someone you love them makes it sound like you are expecting something.

      Why do you think he feels bad about something?

    • I think he thinks I'm mad at him. so mAybe he thinks he did something.. I kind of don't talk to him as much as id like to. trying to not get too used to being around him and I don't want him to feel pressured. I know how I feel I'm sure it comes across & I don't wan to give myself the wrong idea or make him feel stressed.

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  • never. Why would you tell someone you have feelings for them if you clearly don't?

    • No, sorry I mean, tell them you don't have feelings for them when you -when you do.

      - Why would someone lie ? idk, maybe you don't want a relationship or you are trying not to like them, or you don't want them to know that you do.. not everyone is comfortable liking someone.

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    • ...I sometimes tell someone I have feelings for them when I shouldn't... but not quite the same!

    • Shouldnt- why shouldn't you?

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