How can support my ex and eventually try to get him back?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he "wasn't feeling it" anymore and like the relationship ran its course, like the spark wasn't there. He's been dealing with depression for a few months and hasn’t gotten help for it yet. He assured me that he’s going to get help now, but he felt like this break up is what’s best. He’s basically not sure if his feelings are a product of the depression, or if it’s how things really are (I think it’s the former). He didn’t want to get our hopes up by saying that things will be better after he gets help, because he doesn’t know if his mind is going to change really.

He took a leave of absence from work back in November and it was only supposed to last a month, but he’s only just now going back to work this week. That’s almost 4 months off. I think it worsened his depression to be honest.

We both care about each other a lot, I just don’t know what to do. He texted me the day after the breakup saying that it was really hard on him and that I’m a very important person to him. I responded and basically said I need a few days to process things and not talk to him, but I will be there for him if he needs anything (like help with his depression). He said he respects that and appreciates that I’ll be here for him. It's been 5 days since we last talked. Ideally, I'd like him to reach out to me eventually since he's the one who broke up with me, but I’m just worried that since I told him I need time, he might not reach out at all.

We were together for almost a year and for both of us, it was our first serious relationship. I just really miss him and I'm honestly kind of beside myself at the moment.
How can support my ex and eventually try to get him back?
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