Should I drop this guy?

The day we met he found me on MySpace (I know old school) and asked me to hang out. It took us a good month to make plans. He would message me when he would see me online or text me but it wasn't everyday. However,he would only go a couple of days without messaging me. After we hung out, and mind you we hit it off famously, he messaged me everyday. After our hangout, he texted me 15 minutes later to say he had a good time. He immediately asked me to hang with him again. This was on a Sunday, and we made plans for the next Sunday. At this point, I got messages everyday. On Saturday he messaged me as he normally would, we chatted and then he said he was extremely stressed and that he was dealing with crap. I told him he could talk about it if he wanted but he assured me it was OK. When I asked what the plan was for Sunday, he didn't write me back. I had a feeling we weren't going to hangout. AND I was right! He messaged me Sunday saying he forgot about his aunt's birthday but that he would reschedule. I made a comment saying I had a a feeling this was going to happen and made other plans. He never wrote me back. I gave it a couple of days and heard nothing so I figured he probably assumed I was mad. I messaged him and we made small talk. He said he was super busy with work still. I told him he should make it up to me and bleh...he didn't bite. A couple of days later, I messaged him again (mind you I don't really care for games and chasing so I have no problems messaging a guy first)...and I asked him to hangout that night or the night after. He told me he had plans already but didn't suggest a time where we could hang out. I get the "Busy" thing but during our last convo he mentioned he had a late night the previous night...meaning he went out...SO I feel like I tried and that he isn't I right to assume this? I just assume it's due to another girl? Isn't that normally it? It's just weird that he went from messaging me all the time and making plans to 5 hours later never hearing from him...Should I just delete him and move on?


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  • Yeah totally,delete him and move on.

    Thats the best what you can do. He is obviously to busy for you ( dude ,what a crap).It might be that he has someone else on mind.But whatever it is you don't need that kind of man in life.

    Now if you could please help me with my own situation.

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