My crush is fighting with his ex. What should I do?

There's a guy that I've been talking to a lot for the last few months. He was still with his girlfriend when I started talking to him, but nothing was going on. They broke up, and ever since then we've been talking more than we used to. Lately he's been extremely distant, we still talk but not as much, and I feel like he's losing interest. I asked him if he was mad at me, and he told me he's just having problems with his ex girlfriend, and he's just not having a good week. He also told me that he's just confused and angry at everything right now.

I want to continue talking to him, but I've been trying to give him some space lately, so we don't talk as much. How do I keep him interested in me, or even better, how can I cheer him up or take his mind off of her? She hurt him. I want him to be happy


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  • your not going to like what I say but...there is nothing you can do. As females we always worry about the ex and other girls. We get scared and try to hold on and we end up smoothering them. If you love him, you just have to let things run its course. Just remind him that you care about him and you want him to be happy...and if your really the one for him he will figure it all out and choose you. if not then, that's just apart of life and something that you can't control.

  • Leave them to it. If you get involved now, he will still have feelings for his ex, whereas if you wait for him to sort it out on his own terms, he will be less likely to have feelings for her. Because, if he's still fighting with her there is still something there. All you are atm is a distraction, all you will do is take his mind off his real feelings, but eventually he will realize what he really wants, and it might not be you. So I say just leave them to their fighting, don't get involved. Other than knowing specifically what is going on with him, I can't really say whether you could even help with his problems.


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