Why does my boyfriend/Ex boyfriend keep dumping me?

this might be a long story... please someone tell me what could possibly be making my ex act this way. (its ALWAYS been me chasing him even after breakups :S). All the time we've been together it was something so special. We realized we were soul mates. I know we will never find this again! That's why I find this so hard to comprehend. things were going really well. then months later he was invited to a birthday party. I was invited to. but my boyfriend never mentioned it to me. so I waited to see if he would ever tell me but he didn't. I didn't hear from him for days. I knew something wasn't right. neither of us were clingy! The truth is we wanted to be together the majority of the time tho. I think what brought this on was that he wanted to remember what it was like to be single again?! then he text me a week later - can you meet me at the bottom of the road. I knew it was bad. when I got there he was very quiet and shaking. I just thought he was cold. he said I don't love you as a lover anymore. I was devastated. a week later he wanted to meet me again and after some persuasion from a friend I met him... he admitted that he told me that because he didn't think he deserved me because the night he went to the birthday he kissed two women. At first he blamed them. Then I asked is that everything he told me he had slept with a co-worker the night he dumped me because he needed a shoulder to cry on basically. It ripped my world from under my feet. It broke my heart! In time I forgave him and things got better. But he would dump me randomly after petty things he couldn’t cope with. He prefers to brush things under the carpet. On average he dumps me every 4 months. since all of that he proposed but I always struggled to trust him cause I though - how long till he dumps me again?! he says its too much pressure to talk about our issues so I stopped mentioning them out of fear of pushing him away. but one day his mum really got to me. She is not a nice woman. Looks after number one. I told my boyfriend that I just can't be around his mum ALL the time. It made me angry. so he told me off for letting it get to me and wanted to deal with it himself. but the next few days were odd. after he dropped me off at home I didn't hear from him for a week. I knew what that meant. he had dumped me again. He has text me telling me he loves me so much and I'm amazing but I deserve better. I've given up now because he won't talk to me. But why would someone who loves you behave like this?! Why?! I've just always been so happy to have him in my life! I love him so much and would do anything for him.. I wonder if his family life has made him the way he is... no loyalty. gives up all the time and goes back on his word. I don't know. I've tried to make sense of it all but I need another opinion


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  • why have I been going through something very similar. just the break ups, not the cheating. Though this guy and I have only been involved with each other for 6months Wish I could figure this out for myself so I could help you too >:|

  • how long have you guys been together and how many times has he dumped you?


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