How do you let go of a toxic relationship?

I've been with him for 3 years. After a while I noticed he had a lot of anger that would usually end in cussing or breaking up with me when he was mad. He was mildly paranoid and I always felt like he didn't trust me 100%.. It was pretty rocky. and although he was "working on" his bad habits, I felt myself falling out of love.. I felt myself getting anxiety every time he was grumpy.

I finallllly ended it after talking to relatives and friends about his treatment. They told me they would not have lasted a month with that behavior let alone 3 years.

I feel like reminding myself all the bad qualities and memories is supposed to help. But why dont I view him as a bad person? I still remember the good things and it makes it harder to let go and know that I deserve better. Because I don't view him as a bad person, just someone who has deep rooted issues.
How do you let go of a toxic relationship?
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