Am I the other girl & should I stop being friends?

I’ve loved a guy for 5 years. We’re really close; we talk about anything and everything and support each other. Two years ago I told him(though I couldn’t really hide it in the first place) and got the “let’s be friends” talk. This was partially because one of his ex-s is psycho-killer(honest to goodness) crazy. So nothing happened, though we stayed as close as ever, and we graduated high school. Through the summer, we texted and I found out he hadn’t realized I am still in love with him. Since then, we’ve been texting almost everyday. We talk, again, about everything.

I think he’s an awesome,yet misunderstood guy, but then, I’m biased as I’m in love with him. However, there’s one thing that's bugging me. My friends think he’s a good friend, but not the best boyfriend material. He picks up his girlfriend every weekend, and every weekend, the texts stop. Also, when we text, he says he misses me a lot, and gives me all kinds of compliments. When we see each other, we're very affectionate. My question is, am I the other girl? Is he toying with me? Should I break off our friendship completely?

P.S- After graduation, I found out he’d slept with one of my friends in the space between when I’d told him about my feelings and graduations. I’ve never brought it up as I don’t want things to get weird. I mean, he’d thought that I was over him and I had to reasonable claim over him to be upset. Still, I’m not sure if he’s lying and she DEFINITELY knew I still liked him.


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  • This is not love, it is an obsession. Run, don't walk away. You are the girl friend of convenience; not a girlfriend or THE girlfriend.

    You need to decide if he is a good friend, or if he's using your friendship because he really does know how you feel...and trust me, he does.

    Good luck!

  • be his friend still stop the emotions feelings side and sta away fromthe crazy ex girl...


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