How do I break up with him?

I recently fell out of love with my boyfriend of 8 months. He knows something is up because I've been acting really quiet and unhappy around him. He has a history with depression and I just don't know how to end things with him. Help?

It's really nothing that I can pinpoint, I literally woke up one day and just felt totally different.


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  • Just tell him. The quicker the better in these circumstances, he will just grow more dependent on you as time goes by, making any pain you inflict on him worse. Don't do this with an audience and give him some time to react.

    He will probably try to get you to change your mind, may beg etc. You just have to be clear about your decsion and stick to it. Try to leave him some dignity, tell him about some of his good qualities, but be firm that you have to move on.

    These moments of rejection are very hard for a guy to share with anyone outside the relationship, but it has to be his choice about whether to do this, so don't go talking to his friends about what has been said between you.

    He may or may not want to stay friends. You have to respect his choice and deal with it if he needs a complete break.


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  • just let him down nicely and explan your really not happy anymore and you just deiced you wanted things to end and maybe you two can either fix that or be firends in the end but better say it soon before you break up over a fight or something

  • Breaking up is hard to do, but it’s a whole lot easier that staying in a bad relationship or relationship you don't want to stay in. Well my first advice to you is to do it in a quieter place where you two can be alone. Just be honest, tell him how you feel, even if it's hard to pin point but be sensitive to his feelings. Like don't say, sorry I don't like you anymore and just leave.. you need to explain a little more like ' I just fell out of love and I'm sorry but I'm telling you this because its not working for me and I don't want to lie to u', 'its better if we parted and hopefully we can stay as breaking up with you.'

    Oh and some people don't handle rejection well. Some people yell, scream, or cry. But it doesn't mean you should react to their meltdown. They'll get over it in time and it isn't your fault if they can't cope.


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