Am I the only person who's had no contact from the ex?

My ex dumped me 3 months ago for no reason. I've been trying to get on with my life. I haven't even contacted him. He was really cruel about it and never apologized. Everyone here seems to hear back from their ex. Why haven't I? I'm a good person who would never cheat. I didn't deserve to be dumped cruelly out of the blue.

He didn't even say goodbye to me!


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  • write him an email. tell him everything opposite of what you are feeling. so that means don't mention anything in your question above. you don't care about him hurting u, you don't care about an apology, you don't care about him not saying goodbye.

    Your email should just be asking how he's doing (hope he's well etc.), tell him you had time to reflect on things and you agree with the break up. say it was for the best for both of u, say it wouldn't have worked out in the long run so its better to break up. mention that wonderful things have happened in your life since then. so its true what they say, everything happens for a reason. and wish him well and say bye.

    short email to the point.

    this is the complete opposite of what he is thinking of how you feel. it will shock his system. he will want you back. at which point you PLAY IT COOL. then you decide whether you want closure or to get back with him (on your terms).

    i say forget his ass. If a guy is gonna break up with a girl, he owes her an explanation at the very least.

    good luck.


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  • Its so sad that you been so rudely treated by him. Yes, many of us been contacted by our ex. after sometime of NC but consider yourself LUCKY that he didnot contacted you. You have such a good opportunity of moving on without him trying to contact you only to humiliate you and dump you once again .

    cheers !

  • Hey don't think your the only person not in this situation. Me and my ex were just meant to be going on a break to sort out our own issues. 2 months ago she was telling me she wanted to marry me and have my kids and now 2 months later she's engaged to someone else. I didn't even get to have a conversation with her face to face. she did it over the phone and I had to find out from a mutual friend last week that she was engaged. It hurts more knowing that she's obviously not suffering in the slightest after being together for over 2 years.


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