Guys, Why Did He De-friend Me?

So, my ex and I broke up at the end of November. It was a very amicable breakup (he was moving out of state for a job and didn't want to do distance) and we agreed to stay friends. We didn't really maintain contact, which I felt was pretty normal, but we stayed Facebook friends. Then, on all days, he de-friends me on Valentine's Day. Honestly, although at the time I felt like I was over the worst of it, it felt like he broke up with me all over again. Guys, if you break up with a girl and there hasn't been any drama, why do this?
I have talked to guy friends and they have listed two possible reasons: he still has feelings for me, and wants to move on by not seeing my stuff anymore, or he has a new girl. Both of these seem equally plausible, but why not just unfollow me instead of de-friending?

Honestly, it was probably for the best, but I admit it hurts.
Guys, Why Did He De-friend Me?
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