What's the best way of getting my girlfriend to come back to me?

She is mad and upset with me she broke up with me and kicked me out a week ago she said she wants her time and space and I see that every time I call her she gets more mad at me I'm wondering if she missing me like am missing her or if she thinks of me like I'm thinking of her I want her back so bad this is the third time she broke up with me I wanna show and prove to her that I can change what's gonna make her calm down so she will talk to me about things what's going on in her head one moment its if we work out its not gonna be til a month or so down the road then its I'm done with you I can see the more I call her the more she gets mad but I don't want her to lose focus on me or us working on things I gave her one day I didn't call or nothing then I called her the next day and she was upset with me telling me she's done then I wrote her a email telling her my feelings and then she went back to she didn't know about us I asked her if she saying that because she wants me to prove it to her and she said yes but why is she going back and forward what should I do to get her back and not p*ss her off in the process


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  • A couple of things. I don't mean to be a jerk, but PLEASE learn how to use punctuation!

    1) If she gets angry every time you call her, then stop calling her. Think of it this way: if you broke up with your girlfriend because you wanted space, would you want her calling you all the time? Probably not.

    2) This is the 3rd time she broke up with you? You need to find a new girl. Sounds like this one is just using you whenever she needs something she can't get elsewhere at the time. MOVE ON. If it was the first breakup, that would be different. This is the third. Figure it out and find someone who actually cares about you.

    3) You need to give her the space she needs. She's getting p*ssed off because you keep annoying the hell out of her with your incessant calling. From what it sounds like, you're begging her to get back together. I 100% guarantee that she doesn't like this and will not get back with you if you keep whining, begging, and professing your love to her. Give her the space she needs (2-4 weeks of no communication) and then call her to ask what was going on. Don't look at it as an attempt to get back together, because it likely won't happen. Instead, use what she tells you as information to help you make yourself better so that you don't make the same mistakes you've made in the future.

    4) She said she wants you to prove to her you love her and can change? I doubt it. Girls love to be loved, but they also like a bit of a chase. Not too much, since playing games can end up ruining things, but enough so that there's a bit of tension and fun in the relationship. You gushing over her and whining is the last thing any respectable girl wants.

    All that said, you need to move on and find someone better. If you've broken up three times, you obviously haven't changed or figured it out and you need to find someone who actually cares about you.


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