I have reason to believe she went and had a fling with someone else and since that didn't work I was her default back up.

After 4 months of dating, my girlfriend dumped me out of the blue. I asked why and she said it just didn't feel right. I was reluctant but I let it go and moved on. Just yesterday, she called me. She said she was sorry and she will never meet a person as sweet and caring as me. She didn't know what she had until she lost it. I knew that was going to happen but what surprised me is that she quickly turned to anger. It was my fault, I made her do it, I forced her to. I don't like drama much so I told her I didn't know why she was mad and that she could contact me later when she had cooled down. The next day she did the same thing, but this time she was in tears. She is not the kind of girl to cry over someone. I would know; I dated her for 4 months.

Even though she dumped me, she has come back crying. I have reason to believe she went and had a fling with someone else and since that didn't work I was her default back up. She toyed with me, but I'm not the guy that is going to just walk away. HOW THE HELL DO I FIX THIS


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  • She's using you as a fallback option. Since you don't want to feel guilty and she's in tears and all that... just tell her you can be friends for now. I don't even recommend that, but you said you don't want to walk away. Console her, but I don't suggest you become intimate and all "lovey-dovey" again.

    The moodswings (getting mad, then crying the next day) just proves to me she's insecure. She was the one who dumped you. I'm sure after that she went and found someone else. Something must have happened to ruin their relationship, so she's trying to get you back now.

    Don't give in. She will play with your feelings and use you.

    Be friends, sure. But don't let it go further than that.

    Because in the end, she will blame you for whatever happens. Just like she did before "It was your fault, you made her do it"...yeah, right. That's just to ease her conscience, because she needs someone to blame.

    She hates it, she wants you to feel bad along with her, for whatever reason she's upset; she's trying to get you to feel guilty for stuff you never did just so you'll be sympathetic and take her back. She hates that you're acting really cool about it. She's being emotional and she expects you to take her back like POOF! nothing happened and she can have you when she pleases.


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  • You find a new girl.


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  • Sounds like you guys are meant for each other. Have you tried writing her letter? It's kind of a lost art but in today's digital age it might be a refreshing change.

    I was going through some similar issues with my girlfriend until I wrote her a letter. I got all the information I needed here:==> link


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