What are my exgirlfriend's intentions with me?

My exgirlfriend and I have been going on dates and basically been inseparable since we broke up a month ago. I ended it, and regretted it not even two days later. Still hurt by the breakup, she stated she wasn't ready to get back together. She said she does love me and wants to be with me, But right now she wants to be single and free. We are together everyday, she stays the night every other night, she says she loves me, and even calls me her man. But when I bring up girlfriend or dating she is quick to state we aren't dating or together. I also know she downloaded tinder, and has a couple coworkers after her. When the coworkers ask if we are dating, she says no. She says there are no other guys in her life, and I have just as much chance as any other guy dating her. She says she is in love with me and that I'm "her man", But we aren't dating according to her. Is it truly right when she says she needs time? Or is she using me? I'm a nice guy, and I can't/don't want to admit she may be using me...
1 y
So update everyone, and thanks to those who responded. I told her (in a polite nutshell) That she can't have her cake and eat it too, and I felt she was getting the boyfriend girlfriend treatment from me while still playing the field. Needless to say, She didn't like that answer and freaked out, yelled, swore, and insulted me (I think that means I was right but I'm not fluent in lady speak at times). Just got home from work, and all her stuff is gone and she left her apartment key.
What are my exgirlfriend's intentions with me?
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