What Should I Do? ADVISE PLEASE?

My boyfriend wants to break up with me. But is giving me another chance. What should I do and not do. By the way I did not cheat on him, and he did not cheat on me. And we do live together. And we have been together for 3 years and half. But we have been friends since 2002. Any ideas?


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  • I think the real person you should be asking is your boyfriend. Only he knows what his reasons are for wanting to break up with you and without knowing those you'll never know what to improve.

    • I work a lot and he feels like a treat him like a slave. Because he does everything at home. I just don't have time to do stuff. And with working 2 job its hard to get sleep. And he wants things that either are too much money or wants me to just give him money for whatever. His problem is he can't save money and I can. And he is stressed out of how much stuff he agreed to pay for. I'm offering to pay for more bills and trying to get him out of his stress. But in the mean time what else can I do?

  • why does he want to break up with you?

    • He says he's not happy. And tried of doing everything, And he says he feels like my bitch. Which is true I don't do much around the house because I'm always tired and working. And I do work more then he does. But he's also stressed out about bills. I do want to help him with it. But in a different way. I don't just want to give him money for it. I want to pay for other bills to help out. And he says he feels like it's not going any where. But Things have been okay. So far.

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