Why did he fuck me over like this?

This is the guy I posted about in my last question, things were going well for awhile. (We hooked up once, read the backstory if you wish in my other question) He would ask me how my day was, and even remember small things about me such as the concert I was going to be attending, and even called me “babe, baby, sweetie”. This guy even went as far as telling me he liked me and wanted to see me again. We only hooked up the one time, and I saw him a few times after that, but I didn’t go home with him ( I was at his work with his friends) on the weekend he invited me to his work, he was hosting a “party there” (I was on his guest list). I went, he said I looked gorgeous and all of this stuff, and said he felt bad he couldn’t hangout with me if it got busy (he wasn’t working, just hosting there) I said it was fine and we could meet up later. He never tried looking for me from what I’m aware of, I also saw him talking to another girl. I sat at a table and he brought his guy friend over to me said hi and left, I was a little drunk so it’s a bit fuzzy but I somehow gathered that he was trying to hook me and his friend up so he could go off with someone else? I got upset, he asked me what was wrong the next day, I called him out very nicely and he didn’t respond. It’s been a week, yet he keeps liking my Instagram photos and looking at my stories. What is up with this?
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@pinayfit please help
Why did he fuck me over like this?
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