Girl wants me to delete her number on Whatsapp. What does this mean?

Hey guys,
so last week i had an argument with a relatively close friend who friendzoned me around 10 months ago.
I decided to stay friends with her and be there for her because i really did like her and things went relatively well between us with some minor disaggreements now and then. A few months ago i told her i wanted to end contact for a while because i couldnt bare the pain anymore and wanted to move on and to that she threatened to cut her wrists. After a week of no contact i apologized for hurting her feelings and my bad behaviour and was back at the beginning. She told me that she hates it that i make her feel bad whenever i try to move on.
I always tolerated her sometimes toxic behaviour toward me and blamed it on her medications because she suffers from clinical depression and has attempted suicide a few times. For months i felt like shit and guilty and feared i would cause her to take her life.
However, last week when we had an argument she told me that she hates guys like me to which i replied that i moved on and gave up the hope that we will ever become a couple (which i actually did, i want to leave this person behind and move on). I also told her that im tired of her constantly toxic behaviour towards me and told her that she is hurting me. After that she started ignoring me and so did i because as i said i want to move on although i still have feelings for her.
She unfriended me on facebook today and a few hours ago she asked me on whatsapp to delete her number.
I haven't responded or deleted her number yet and wanted to know what you guys think.
What does this mean and is she trying to get my attention or should i do what she wants me to do?
Girl wants me to delete her number on Whatsapp. What does this mean?
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