Ex-boyfriend and I still meeting up to have sex after relationship ended almost 5 years ago? just sex?

We went out for a few months almost five years ago, did the whole I love you forever yada yada ya.. he's gone away to a university a couple hundred miles away, but always calls me whenever he's in town saying he misses and wants to see me. Every time we meet up we have sex. This has been going on for the past five years. For the past (almost) three years, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend. I've tried cutting it off with my ex, but I'm really attracted to him and he is very charming. When I tell him I want to stop seeing him he tells me he misses me and gives me what I think is bull, then he gets mad at threatens to tell me boyfriend or show pictures that he supposedly has of me. I say I don't care, but I end up giving in and continue to meeting him. These past couple of times have been hard on me because I feel used. I ask my ex why he never talks to me except when he is gonna come to town and he tells me "you have a boyfriend, I can't call. what do you want me to do? take you out on dates?" I told him yes, and the conversation ended. I spent the night. What's you're opinion? Do you think he is just using me? What should I do?


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  • it's either a rebound to try to recover what's salvageable, in this case sex or FWB transition to moving on to back together or other relationships

    • I've considered that, but I've had many boyfriends after him, and he's been with many girls since me, but I just don't know why we keep "meeting up" after 5 years. beats me still to this day.

    • Ever think why life keeps throwing you together so often in spite of the many other love dramas that go on in between? is there a reason why love is so desired yet many are so blind to the fact that it always presents itself in no so obvious, but not obvious manner to the 2 individuals?

    • Very interesting way you put it, I will be thinking about it the rest of the day trying to decipher what you wrote.. almost sounds like a poem. or a riddle... almost.

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  • So you've been cheating on your boyfriend cause you've been scared about your ex telling your boyfriend you've been cheating on him... oh come now. Break up with your boyfriend, do him that favor, and don't tell him why, he doesn't deserve that pain and you don't deserve him. Cut your ex entirely out of your life and then seriously work on your own issues you have.

  • youve been cheating this whole time. I hope you get a flesh eating virus

    • Have you ever considered your current bfs feelings. if you didn't want to be with him why would you do this to him. Do you remember when you became a bad person or have you always been this way

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  • is the sex that great? Obviously he really has feeling for you and you for him or you would have stopped because of a new boyfriend. really think about your ture feeling for both guys and see who you care about more.


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