I don't want him to be gawking at other girls. How many girls would let their boyfriend go?

QUESTION 1: How man girls would let their boyfriend go to an 18 and older event (containing wet t-shirt contests, mud wrestling, and nudity) with or without them?

I honestly don't want my boyfriend to go because even though I trust him, I don't want him to be gawking at other girls.

QUESTION 2: How many girls would actually be WILLING to go along with their boyfriends to an event like this?

I don't enjoy staring at half-dressed women, and I certainly wouldn't enjoy seeing my boyfriend checking out someone else.

Any advice?

Mainly for women, but men are welcome to put their input as well!



Most Helpful Girl

  • UH, I have no clue what that trill dude was talking about. First, I would be extremely p*ssed off but you seem to be handling the situation well. I would be freaking out and I would certainly tell my boyfriend that I am massively uncomfortble with this. Second, I wouldn't want to go to such an event nor would I want my boyfriend going. If he likes you, thinks the work of you why does he want to go then...

    It doesn't make much sense other than that he has wondering eyes. I'd either break it off with him or talk to him calmy and nicely about how you feel.

    I can understand if he wants to go hang out with some friends at another place but going to look at half naked females is just wrong when he is with you.

    I would dump his ass but that's just me.


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What Guys Said 2

  • for you to ask that question puts 2 sides...one group being the insecure girl and the other being the boring girl...both groups fall under the jealousy umbrella...if you're a great g/f, then you'd be his constant distraction from even considering going to such events, and in any case you wouldn't have to worry

    • I am a great girlfriend, and I let him do whatever he wants with the exception of this one event. But why does he still feel the need to go then?

  • How pathetic you would even consider forcing your "boyfriend" to act like a pet and not a man with whom you are supposedly "attracted" to. I put these things in quotes simply because this is about a control issue and not a relationship issue. Why he wants to go has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you and if you can't accept that he is a person, an individual and not just an extension of you then you need to move on to someone who will be your lap dog and not a person to be respected for his individuality and declaration of love to you.

    As my wife says "I don't care where my husband gets his appetite, so long as he eats at home."


What Girls Said 2

  • It wouldn't bother me if he went, and I would probably enjoy going with him. I trust him and I'm not so insecure that I think he's going to look at other girls and all of a sudden decide he doesn't want to be with me.

  • i know what you mean. I don't even like the whole p*rno thing. I want to be the only girl he gawks at. I wouldn't want him to go either. maybe try to plan something else something special for the 2 of you on the day of this event tell him you worked very hard to plan it and you forgot about the dates?


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