Is my ex boyfriend a frickin douche?

tells me that I am the only girl he calls when he gets into town


I see his facebook and this girl is like... aww I miss you call me next time your in town. I'm so over you in sd, come to sb already..

then the f***er says,

"pretty sure you should come visit me here ASAP, but I'll be back in SB within 3 weeks, and I think you know your gonna be one of the first people I call"

WHAT THE F***!? was that?!


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  • why do girls date guys that they, otherwise, hate?

    • A little bit more background. My exboyfriend left me a long time ago because he was "going away to college." I understood it as a good reason, but was still very attracted to him. Since he's been gone I've had many boyfriends and have failed every one of them by cheating on them with my ex. Not all of them know. I've been with my current boyfriend for almost three years and justified cheating on him with my ex when my current boyfriend and I would fight or I suspected he was cheating on me..

    • Disregard my previous comment. I typed it in the wrong box.

    • Wait... what?! this is messed up!

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  • How long have you been broken up? I mean maybe the guy has just moved on with his life. If the breakup was recent then its possible. In that case, how long did you date before the break up?

    • The break up was a WAYYY long time ago. five years ago. we only dates six months. I've had many boyfriends since him and he has seen a lot of different girls too I'm sure. I just trip out on why he tells me tells me he misses me and stuff then threatens to tell my current boyfriend that I've cheated on him if I decide to stop seeing him. I've been broken up with this guy for a long time but I'm still attracted to him because he is very attractive. I just don't get why he makes it seem that I'm the only one he

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    • He was cheating on me.. lately, it has been going good with my boyfriend, so I have told my ex that I no longer want to see him because I feel really guilty about cheating on a good boyfriend with my ex who only wants sex from me.. then my ex boyfriend gives me his "explanation" that he still cares and misses me, but doesn't stay in contact any other time besides the time he is in town because he knows that it would be awkward if he called or texted me and I were sitting next to my boyfriend.. ?

    • Well if that is the case I really think you need to stop worrying about your ex being a douche and start looking at your own actions. As far as we know, from what was said, the only person acting in a douche like manner is you. Cheating on another guy with an ex doesn't make you any better of a person than your ex. I suggest you start clearly defining your definition of a "frikkin douche"

  • your a douche


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  • Yes, but he's your ex, right?

    He sounds like an asshat though.


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