How do I forget about her?

Me and my ex-girlfriend broke up at the start of September, and because of things too complicated to explain, she wanted to remain friends. I was naive so I thought that if I tried to be a part of her life, we wouldn't drift apart. Unfortunately, that didn't work. 2 weeks ago, she told me I messed up the friendship, so we should stop talking, so we haven't talked for 2 weeks.

Right now, all I want to do is to stop feeling these emotions for her. It's ridiculous because I want to, but they just linger. So I ask you guys and gals, what do I do to forget about her?

And it's not depression; when I'm bored I just think about her.


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  • Well luckily this can be remedied pretty easily now that the two of you aren't talking. The very best way to forget about someone is to not have any contact with them whatsoever so the hard part is over for you. Although, as tempting as it may be, DO NOT contact her AT ALL. Everything you do to forget her will be all for nothing if you do. Same applies if she contacts you. Once she comes back into your life, you'll end up right back where you started.

    What you can do is to try your best to remove everything you have that reminds you of her or your relationship. Occupy your thoughts with something else when you start to think about her, just keep your mind busy with other things and soon you'll find yourself thinking about her less and less. If there's something you've been meaning to do for a while, then now's a good time to do it. Try picking up a new hobby, like playing an instrument, sport etc. Hang out with friends, have a good time, enjoy yourself.

    Like I said, applying the no contact rule to an ex is the step most people have difficulty in carrying out, but because that has already happened, you shouldn't take very long to forget her.


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