How do I let him know it's OK?

OK so me and this guy were supposed to hang out and I texted him the morning of to see if he would mind picking me up that night...He never responded so we didn't hang out. I was really hurt obviously. So he texted me today and he was super apologetic, like I could tell he felt terrible and he said he just saw the text and he had been waiting for me to text him to hang out but that he never saw the text I had sent. I wasn't really sure what to believe so I said "yeah...Don't worry about it" and he was like "no really I am so sorry I honestly don't know what happened" and I was like "yeah I mean thanks for letting me know what happened at least" and he was like "I really wanted to chill with you. Don't think I faked on purpose" and I was like "yeah me too!"

he hasn't responded yet, I am so glad he does feel bad about it because I was really confused as to why he hadn't responded about hanging out. I feel like he probably thinks now that I didn't even really care about hanging out. I want to make sure he realizes that I forgive him but that I also cared about hanging out with him but I don't know how...Should I text him tomorrow...?


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  • Well you did seem sarcastic in the text. but I believe he didn't see it just from what he was saying. If I was him I would want you to text me back. Playing mind games only confuses men and we hate it. Try and make him laugh with a joke or something and put a smiley face in the text hopefully that works.


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  • Sounds like he was genuinely sorry which is good :). It is possible that he never saw your message.

    Nah I reckon wait for him to text you. How long ago was it that you sent him that last text? If it's been a while and you're dying to text okay maybe but don't KEEP txting him you risk scaring them off. I still reckon just leave it though he has your number let him chase you =). Goodluck really hope it all works out for ya :). He sounds like a pretty nice guy and like he cares.

    • It was like an hour ago, I guess I didn't really give background information...we hooked up a few months ago, and he was really sweet then and we've become good friends since then and I always go to him for advice, but we are really far away from each other because I'm going out of state for college. So I texted him telling him I was coming home to visit and he was really excited about hanging out and so we planned to hang out. I'm pretty sure we're both on the same page as far as likingeachother

    • Are you still home, is that why you want to text him soon so you can still meet up while you're there? Or do you want to let him know again how much you hoped to see him? I don't know I guess you could always say it would mean a lot to catch up with him next time. But don't make him feel bad about not having seen you this time because he's apologized and clearly felt bad. But yeah another text can't hurt, you don't want him to think 'so did I!' was an angry text ;)

    • No I'm back at school, no I definitely don't want to make him feel bad I can tell he feels bad about it. that's exactly why I want to text him because I'm afraid he might have thought that that was a bitter text

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