I still think about my ex.

The Problem is I'm seeing someone else now. She's the total opposite of my ex and she's really the best girl I've ever dated in every meaning. Its been about 2 months since we broke up and maybe it was too soon to start something else but I'm glad I did, It wasn't a 'rebound thing' at all.

I just feel stupid and like an a-hole when I find myself thinking about my ex and even wanting to be back with her, When my current Girlfriend is perfect for me.

Should I have taken more time or is this normal?


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  • It's normal, but this thing with your girlfriend now could also just be temporary so she also could be just another ex later on.


What Guys Said 1

  • Rebounds aren't a matter of time, they are a matter of getting over the person you where with. It sounds like you didn't get over her fully. If your lucky some minor reflection of why you two split, focus on the all things that your ex did wrong, and you hated... If your lucky keeping that in your mind anytime she comes up will help you understand why your with who you are and eliminate it... If not, then you are in a rebound, but time will tell... Best of luck to ya man


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