Should I take him back? Advice please

So I had been in a long distance relationship with this guy for a little over 3 weeks and then all of a sudden with out notice he decided to break up the relationship because he said that long distance was too difficult. Now after little over a week he wants to get back together (we started talking again 4 days ago cause I decided that I would rather be friends instead of having completely out of my life cause I honestly miss him), he said that he still likes me and that in the past days he has felt terrible and realized that I make him happy even though I'm four hours away...So now my question is should I take him back? I honestly do because I still like him a lot, but I feel like most people think I shouldn't just because they're afraid that he will hurt me again/ change his mind, and probably see it as a weak thing...but in the end it only took him very little time to notice it was more like a break instead of a break up.

Thank you for answering :)


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  • the answer lies in your heart. ask yourself, do you want him back? do you want him that bad? if you do, then I don't see a problem in giving him a second chance. there are people who have done much worse thing out there and once given second chance they really do change, but there are also who are totally vice versa. I think if you really love him, give him the second chance, but don't pour all your heart out to him, keep some for yourself, just in case if he will hurt you again. my mom always says, when you love someone, don't love him the whole dollar, save a quarter for yourself, so this way, you will not fall so bad. four hours away is nothing, there are people who dated thousand miles apart and they succeed. it depends on both of you how hard you are willing to work it out. in the end, nvr bother much on what people say if you decided to take him back, because people talks a lot, but they nvr really put themselves in your shoes, it's you who have to live with it. just make sure not to regret your decision, whether to take him back or to leave him. things happen for a reason. Good luck :)


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  • I would definately give him another chance! And to heck with everyone else! He already broke your heart so at least you know what to expect if it happens again. And you have to be sure its over and you have no regrets before you move on! I was seeing a guy four hours away, he recently went MIA on me and it broke my heart. I am hoping mine resurfaces but I wish you luck and although the distance can be a challenge if its meant to be it will work out! Just be prepared emotionally a little bit in the event he does flake out again. I know, easier said than done.


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