Should I take him back? Advice please

So I had been in a long distance relationship with this guy for a little over 3 weeks and then all of a sudden with out notice he decided to break up the relationship because he said that long distance was too difficult. Now after little over a week he wants to get back together (we started talking again 4 days ago cause I decided that I would rather be friends instead of having completely out of my life cause I honestly miss him), he said that he still likes me and that in the past days he has felt terrible and realized that I make him happy even though I'm four hours away...So now my question is should I take him back? I honestly do because I still like him a lot, but I feel like most people think I shouldn't just because they're afraid that he will hurt me again/ change his mind, and probably see it as a weak thing...but in the end it only took him very little time to notice it was more like a break instead of a break up.

Thank you for answering :)
Should I take him back? Advice please
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