Very remorseful?

Please no bashing I am already bashing myself!

So a couple weeks ago I got into an argument with my wife of 2 years over her laziness. Basically she would only look after the kids and play on her phone on facebook but NEVER clean. I had been out all day trying to come up with $15 for pull ups for our daughter of which I was successful and when I came home after a dr appt to renew/increase my meds I got both of us coffee and NOTHING had been done at the house, both kids were in dirty diapers and I was in a horrible mood sinc the dr did not listen. I am currently awaiting surgery for a slipped disc on my nerve. So I started yelling at her and it escalted to where I threw her coffee on her and then punched her a couple times. Now I have been charged and can not communicate how stupid it was but with all the stress I was going through and not having any real friends I am missing her now.

My question is what can I do we have been together for 6 years 2 of which married with two small kids.
Very remorseful?
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