Relationship of almost 3 years, but want to try other things...

I've had a girlfriend for almost 3 years and we've pretty much went through everything a relationship could go through. How we both f***ed up:

Her: cheated on me a couple times (some minor and others major)

Me: lied to her about liking certain girls

I'm at 95% sure that I don't want this relationship anymore because I feel like there is so much more out there to experience (she was my first too). It's my second year in college and I feel so overwhelmed by everyone else's lifestyle that I just want out of the relationship. But we went through so much that I wouldn't even know where to start because she thinks I am happy with us.

But I have lied to her about not wanting to be in a relationship before so telling her again seems impossible.

I love her and still find her attractive and everything but I just want my own life and am starting to have huge crushes on other girls and am not telling her about it.


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  • I dated a guy who pretty much had the same mindset after about 2 years, so he cheated with my "friend" and I ended the relationship because of it, then I went to europe (had planned the trip almost 6 months before) for a month and a half by myself and didn't tell anyone but my family I was going and spoke to no one but my family (but I did check my emails often). before I had even been there 3 weeks he had already changed his mind and wanted to be in a steady relationship with me and all that. after weeks of forgive me and I'm stupid emails phonecalls and texts I finally told him where I had gone, I let him back into my life. Not only was he upset that I didn't tell him where I was going before I went but he wanted to know If I had gotten with someone while I was there.

    its kinda a grass is greener situation sometimes you think you know what you want because everything lookes better from far away. maybe you haven't put enough into your relationship to keep it fun and alive because yes they are work and more then that If you love her and you feel like its OK to string her along when you don't want to be with her your for one not being considerate of her and two you need to redifine love because love doesn't mean dump the person for some stranger who looks like more fun


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  • If this keeps going, you will probably just end up cheating on her and that's how it will end unless you are upfront and honest with her now.


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