How to tell your hubby is cheating?

hubby and wife stay in different countries and get to see each other once in 4 months. how can you tell that your husband is cheating if you do not see him everyday?


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  • I am a reformed jerk. Not because a girl changed me, but because I was a jerk and I shouldn't cheat or lie to women- but I always did. Distance is like a freebie. Guys like companionship and if given the opportunity to replace you abroad, with a broad.. he will. There is no chance of him getting caught, foreign people love other foreign people.. I would have personally gone nuts and done everyone I could. I am sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear, but hopefully you two have trust in your relationship and this won't be an issue. All the best.

    • Trust is something else and I do not think it applies in such situations. and its true men will always try to find a replacement.

    • It unfortunately would be a temporary thing but could have serious long term consequences for your relationship. I hope for your sake that he doesn't cheat, and if he does never take him back.

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  • are you a military wife? or your husband has an overseas job?

    well first of all, I am a military wife so my husband does go overseas every so often.

    I know he will never cheat on me, because he usually doesn't date anyone. He was single for 6 years before he met me, and only had 1 girlfriend at age 17 before me. So I'm pretty sure he thinks he's ugly and he's really happy to be with me. He's the faithful, happy, thankful type. Plus when he is gone on missions he writes to me 4-5 times a day on facebook and writes tons of stuff on my facebook wall and all over my facebook pictures when he has time. So I know he is thinking of me and only me. There are a lot of females in the army where they are single and will sleep with any men but my husband is the faithful type and so I know he is not going to sleep around when he's married to me.

    I hope you know and trust your husband. But usually you can tell if you ask him to write to you, and to just talk to you about things when you are together... you should be open and honest. have that open and honesty policy with each other. And remind one another to be faithful and count your blessings that you have each other. that should help. good luck

    • I wish I had a husband like yours. Well the thing is my husband has an oversees job and he had a baby with a woman in the country he is in and he swears that its over between the two of them and they only see each other when there is a problem with the baby.

      he doesn't communicate with me as often as you say your hubby does. we talk once in a while and mostly when we communicate we will be arguing over nothing, so somehow I have a feeling he is cheating and might even be living with someoe

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