Do I have to let him go?

okay,i've been loving this guy since I was in first year high school until now (I'm in 4th yr) I'm always unsure of how he felt about me,he flirts with other girls and not care about me,he once asked if he could court me and I rejected him (I don't know if he got hurt by that XD)So it means that we've never been together.

I don't even know why I've held this feeling for too long.I still love him.But I haven't seen him for like 3 yrs.I tried to contact him but I can't seem to find a way.Can someone explain this to me?What's the best thing I could do?Should I move on or what?

Why are guys like that?They make you believe they love you even if they don't. :(
P.S I rejected him because he flirts with other girls.How can I be sure that he loves me back? :'(

And yeah,I don't know the real reason why I love him even though it makes me suffer.:((


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  • guys are like that for their maturity, if not the fact that they aren't ready to settle down with one can call that being young

    love is mix of emotions that whither away after awhile, unless you know how to keep the fire going on that...a trade secret that takes time and experience to learn and master

    rejection builds confidence, but take what you've learned and move on to the next relationship for something better than the last one...there's a small chance that he will come back into your life...if you're looking for signs, then he will have grown up for you and stopped his "old" ways for you...that will be the most obvious sign you need to know for a second chance


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  • the best way to contact him is to hope that you will get a chance to see him again or wait for the next HS reunion...try seeing new people in the meantime and sort of move on in the meantime


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  • you rejected him of course he was hurt

    leave him alone. it's been so long


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