I don't get this guy - should I just leave the situation or is there something I could do?

So I have just started talking this guy I have known him for about a week he has talked to be two days straight that I was online then tonight I talked to him we got along really well and talked for over 2 hrs. I am interested in him and want to get to know him.

however tonight I found out that he liked some other girl but he was up set as she had been leading him on and made out with another guys. He told me he was letting her go now and he said stuff her should I really believe that? I also offered to leave the convo but he said no stay and chat to me. He was kept saying how weird we both were and how we had that and stuff in common and finally told me if I got lucky he would drive me somewhere.Twice he was also saying how he should go to sleep but instead we kept talking, I know that he claims to have just let this one girl go but if he liked her then he couldn't possibly want anything to do with me relationship wise I am so confused what should I do? leave the situation as I am reading to much into it or stay by his side and talk to him cause he was upset
Today one of my good guy friends Chris who is also friends the guy I have been talking to came up and asked me if I told the guy I had been talking to to talk to him and I hadn't and chris said that the guy I had been talking to was telling him how ...
awesome he thought I was


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  • he might be using you as a revenge girl to get back at the other girl...he can either rebound with the other girl or end up with you as a fallback girl

    • How lovely so should I just not talk to him unless he starts a conversation with me or should I tell him I don't wnat to be your rebound girl. btd is there a better way I could say that haha

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  • Play it with caution. He could be leading you on...


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  • I don't know if you should believe him, only you can make that call. You're the one that knows him.

    • Well ha ha no I don't relli know if but yeh I think your right I don't think that I should believe him maybe I should get out before I start liking him then getting hurt!

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