What are some things you can do to get over someone?

I wish I could just meet someone that really cares about me. Maybe not a boyfriend, but some guy who really cares about me. It would be awesome if it was a boyfriend. Cause I seem to like a guy, who's either playing hard to get, really shy or not interested... I've heard a million things you can do to get over someone, such as you could delete texts, pictures, block them from facebook, surround yourself with family and friends, empty everything that reminds you of them, etc...But if you have any experiences or advice I would love to hear it...Thanks :)


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  • It's hard to just get over someone you really like.. and you really do not want to let them go by deleting everything about them... keep dating find that person who cares about you and wants to be with you when you find that person you can probably more easily get the old guy off your mind and will be able to easily delete him from your life.


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