Caught her cheating and maybe in love?

so you snoop through their phone and find pics of each other with/without clothes they say what sexual things they wanna do to each other they even say that they love each other. stuff like " good morning my love" this is a distance romance and she has gone for other reasons and visited him.

99% sure they've had sex but no concrete text evidence that it was the case.

you live with her but she's going to move out supposedly your invited to move in with her when the time comes. she doesn't known what I know. we're on the same cell phone bill and his phone number is all over it. he seems to actually be in love with her Maybe vise versa she still says her I love you's to you as well still having sex with her cuz I'm dumb.. anyways when i break up with her... should I warn the guy she's seeing long distance... tell him just to watch out.. she's technically still. my fiancee...

Caught her cheating and maybe in love?
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