How long before this excuse doesn’t work anymore?

I’ve been seeing this guy for almost 4 months now but we made it official about a month ago. He’s respectful, and we get along pretty well, but he acts like he’s still single...

As in he used to flake on our plans and not say anything to me, i’d be the one who had to call him and reschedule. He said it was because he wasn’t used to being in a relationship, normally he just does he own thing but he would be more considerate. That has improved but now he declines some of the things I want to do and goes out with his friends instead.

I think I’d be less irritated if he just told me he didn’t want to go with me, instead of saying “Maybe another time I have to wake up early tomorrow” and then going out to the bar with his friends at 1AM. I also had a issue with the amount of time I was spending with him, I wanted to see him more but he started a 2nd job and I didn’t think he’d have enough time for me since I see him once a week as it is.

I tried breaking up with him after the needing more attention but he said he would do whatever it took to keep me from leaving. He said he has never been in a real relationship so he’s not sure what to do so I let it slide. I don’t want to break up with him but I feel like this isn’t going to go anywhere with him acting like this.
How long before this excuse doesn’t work anymore?
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