How can you get your ex boyfriend to start to miss you?

Exactly what I can you get your ex boyfriend to start to miss you? Any little things that will help? Like looking really hot all the time or something...I don't know.. give ideas!


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  • If he's dating someone else:

    (1) cast moral judgment on his girlfriend, and make her feel ashamed and guilty (negative) for being sexual with him, and simultaneously attack her ego and make her feel good about herself and proud (positive) for not having sex with him, or giving him what he desires and wants sexually (how she dresses, acts, behaves, and talks). (this must be done directly to her though; if he finds out you're trying to do this, it won't work)

    (2) make his girlfriend feel insecure about the relationship, jealous and afraid of losing him. this is sure to make her then react by: being overly-superhumanly-clingy, trying to control him, keep tabs on him, limit what he does, who he speaks with, invade his sense of privacy, etc.

    (3) appear in direct contrast to his current girlfriend.

    If he's not dating anyone:

    (1) humor is your best friend! do some internet research, and try to find items of humor (pictures, video) that hone in on (a) women being controlling, and (b) women being prudish or having issues with sex. humor basically allows you to communicate an otherwise unpleasant idea or "communicate where communication is not acceptable (i.e. political satire)" under the guise and "excuse" of it being funny. It's "pretend primary purpose" is to make people laugh, even though you will know its "real primary purpose" is to create awareness of (a) and (b) in your ex boyfriend's mind.

    (2) inference is also your friend! by posting such humor on either your own (and through a friend), his social networking medium (i.e. MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you are implying that you "do not strongly object" to the ideas expressed (by virtue of finding it funny).

    It does two things simultaneously:

    (a) creates an impression in his mind of the negative qualities of women out there; qualities he doesn't want to deal with.

    (b) creates an impression in his mind of contrast between you and other women; increasing the likelihood that he feels regret for leaving you or no longer being with you. As these ideas sit in his mind, the likelihood that he considers being with you again is increased. But this alone is not enough.

    (3) he needs reassurance; he needs to feel that YOU (a) don't object to the idea of being back together with him, and (b) actually also want to be back together with him.

    Timing is key, you need to plant the idea in his mind first. After you successfully plant the seed in his mind, you need to give it some time to properly spread throughout his thought process. After he's been primed, you can then find some excuse to contact him (a question, an event, a party, etc.) Once the two of you are connected "face-to-face" again, and he sees that you are receptive to him (on more than just a friendly level); his desire to "want you back" is almost certain to follow.

    Gosh, and I thought girls were manipulative and sneaky; so much for female creativity.


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  • stop all communication with him...dress up and make up better than when you were together and be out in public where he will catch you...go out with other guys as friends...make him reconsider, if not make him jealous...don't overdue it to the point where he gets a new gf

  • You can't make anyone love you or else I would have tried it already. With most guys one breakup is enough and it is hard to fall back into love.


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