Breakups in the news?

I don't like generalizations about the other sex as much as the next guy. But, why is it that whenever a celebrity couple divorces, it's usually because the guy was cheating on the wife? (It's very, very rarely the other way around).

Even looking at the unmarried couples, even when the split is mutual, the guy usually finds another girl much faster than the girl? There is always the exception. But I find even in those cases, the guy ends up engaged to someone much faster than the girl. I've just been reading more and more of these things in the news recently -- I'm not even looking on purpose. It's depressing. It's just making it way too easy for me to say guys just recover a bit too fast, don't really have feelings, and don't mean what they say, even though by reading all the posts on this website, I know that can't exactly be true. But it's really easy to think guys don't really care about working on relationships-- they just want the quick fix. Sorry guys but where are the good guys in the news?


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  • standard rule of journalism...bad news always outsells good news as far as readership goes...everyone loves a good gossip in the office...out of the spot light attention is what everyone seeks

    as for guys recovering quickly, that might have to do with the fact that there are still more women in the world than men...women take relationships more seriously than men, and recovery is a bit longer for the women...women don't cheat as much as men, but they are also very good at not getting caught because men typically brag about it...


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