Is it okay if in a relationship you can't take out your girl to any restaurants, movies, or the mall?

Well I'm broke and I really wanna ask here out. but will she's leave me if I can't take her anywhere?


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  • hey I really wanted to reply to this becuase this annoys me in my relationship . my partner is saving for a new car and a house[ he is 25] anywho, I see your under 18, tell you girlfriend that you want to do al kinds of lovely thigns for her take her to restaurants to the movies etc but you won't always be able to afford it,{then say] you will do things occasionally it would be more rare and special this way.

    instead these are the things you could do

    go on a picnic together- does that sound lame, maybe to a guy BUT TRUST me even the girls who admit they don't like cutesy romantic things like this WILL LOVE IT trust me.

    go to the beach at night time together.


    just do things together and mix it up a bit, be spontaneous and exciting, she will love you for it, I wish my boyfriend did things like this for me, but he is doing 40 hour plus at work a week and its shift work so its hard for us to do stuff but I will wait for him becuase I love him.

    i hope this works out for you :)

  • I'm having this issue in my relationship as well. We are both saving our money plus we have different schedules so even if we could afford to do that stuff we usually have a time conflict. What we end up doing is low budget stuff usually. For example, there is a walking track in our town that we meet up at and will walk for an hour or two while having a conversation. Get some bubbles and blow them together, it's fun. I'd suggest hitting up google and looking up no cost or low cost date ideas for more suggestions...and in case you can't tell, it's perfectly fine if you can't as long as you let the girl know the reason and that you still want to do stuff with her.


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