Is he into me? LONG QUESTION! please answer! <3

OK, this is a question for guys, but girls can answer if they have experience in this!:)

OK, well lets call this guy Justin*. OK, well at first, Justin and me were in Algebra, and we just started HS. We didn't know anyone in the class except each other so we waved and had friendly nice conversations. Then, as we made more friends, he would start flirting with me, and saying Wassup! in the hallway He always tells me my skin is really soft and he always makes excuses to come to my side of the class.. FYI, he had a girlfriend during all of this! :O I did not flirt back, because I believe in the girl code[; but I was just a friend back. Now, in the hallway he gave me a high five and instead of letting go, he held my hand, smiled, then walked away. Also, the day he broke up with his girlfriend, he put his arm around me and said, hey its my hot girl friend [insert my name here].. I'm not sure I can tell if he likes me or not? because I heard he does this to a few other girls. please give me your point of view on this! Sorry for it being so long (:


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  • drop him and don't become the fallback or recovery girl for him...he's into you, but the ex-gf and the other girls in his circle will be problems if you decide to pursue this further


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