Girls, What should I do?

My ex girlfriend dumped me for HER ex.

She would always talk about him when we were together. I felt like she'd run back to him at any time I don't know why I stayed, but we didn't make each other feel secure in the relationship. She told me she wished she had met me first, but can't stop thinking about him. She asked if we could stay friends, I said i would try, but no guarantees. She begged me not to cut her out of her life.

Two days later she posts a pic of her and him on her Instagram, so I deleted her off social media. No further contact in between.

I saw her a few weeks later and tried to talk to her. (I wanted to explain that even though I deleted her, I accepted that she left me, I wasn't over it , but if she's happy with him i didn't want to rob it of her, and since we work closely together we could be friends or at least cordial) and she acted like I didn't exist, like when I spoke no sounds were made. Totally ignored me.

- Other times when I see her she sometimes scowls.

- Or stares deeply into my eyes or looks down in the ground when we pass by each other.

- Sometimes ill catch her staring and she won't break eye contact.

- Another time telling a mutual friend of ours how great her relationship is going (She knew for a fact I was in earshot because she passed by me before sitting next to him)

- When I see her at work and ask work related questions (when literally no other co-workers are there) she looks at the ground and speaks quietly.

- NOW when I see her she looks at me, dramatically turns around, looks back and does it again, like she wants some reaction.

She dumped ME. I didn't cry, cuss, get angry, make her feel bad, NOTHING, and I still dont... So why is she being so dramatic? I'm TRYING to move on like an adult even though I still care deeply for her, but seeing this foolishness 5 days a week makes it SO hard, especially when I'm trying to be mature and not doing anything in response.

So she won't speak to me. What is going on through her head?
Girls, What should I do?
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