He broke up with me...but keeps contacting me?

My ex just broke up with me about a week ago on the grounds that "he isn't feeling it" anymore. It hurt me a lot that the guy I've been with for a year could end it so easily. Because I really want him back,I've been told the best method is to ignore him and give space. Two days after he called it off, he keeps contacting me to play games with him.

I'm glad that he wants to contact me, but I feel it is on the friend level and I'm not looking for him to be a friend. Should I decline his request to play games so he'll miss me more as a girlfriend rather than a friend? What is the best method to make him see he lost out on have me as a girlfriend?


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  • YES! Decline him. He broke up with you and now you need to give him a reason to regret it. If you start giving him the attention he wants you two will never be back together because he already has what he wants! Make him miss you, make him want you back, and if its meant to be it will happen.

    • Just a question. If somone gives him th same advice to ignoreand stay away form you so you may miss him, then I wonder who will contact whom and when?

    • I did now. I told him it's a little weird that we just broke up and you're trying to be my friend. He was like "Well, why can't we be friends" and I told him I don't want to right now. So he got mad and left abruptly to play with his friends. Like wtf? He got mad at me for being sore over a break up? I don't get it.

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  • dnt worry of him


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  • Its easier if you just ignore him. I actually was in the same situation and I ignored him and I was really glad I did because I met a new guy and now I am as happy as can be. Because if I would have went back to him who knows how it would have worked out. If he starts trying really hard to get a hold of you and you know he really wants to try again then I would go for it.

  • If I were you, id ignore his messages! Go out and have fun, make some new friends and go to gym. He will hear about how much fun you are having and start to panic and think you've moved on. Do NOT contact him first, wait for him, and id ignore him for about a month or so.


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