I'm 16, he's 27, he showed me to his mother? What can this be?

So I have a friend, his 27 and is really fun to be around with. We have the same interests, where both are artistic and ..their was a day when me and him needed to go to the city so he can photograph things for his portfolio and I needed to do my project for photography class ...anyways he brings along his mother and all of us chill... most of the time I found myself talking to her more then him(he was busy photographing)... She told me she came along because she wanted to be with her son, day of...so he took her... what should I expect? Why did he let her come ? To see me or just because its no big deal ?... I see it as not really a big deal thing...


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  • From your story it doesn't seem that him inviting his mother had anything to do with you. I doubt there's any hidden meaning.


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