Do I send him an angry text?

We have been friends for 6 years and realised recently we like each other, he lives far away but he travels for work and can travel anywhere in the world at any time. He’s been in my life so long he’s met my family, my life would be weird without him in it. So when we got closer I thought this would be great, we never even argue.

We planned to meet before he starts working here for a week but it had to be cancelled by both of us for different reasons. He’s here this week and we were supposed to meet up tomorrow but I haven’t heard anything from him, we haven’t spoken since last week when I told him he doesn’t make the effort to see me like he has for other girls in the past, I opened up and we haven’t spoken since. There’s been no contact. This isn’t like him, but he’s still using social media.

I’m honestly so hurt because I was really excited to meet up with him because this would be the first time since we decided we should date, but one week failed and now I haven’t heard from him in a week when he is only 200 miles away from me. I don’t understand why he hasn’t contacted me. Do I send him an angry text? Or will I look crazy? I HONESTLY would not usually be this way but this has been our first opportunity to meet up in 3 months and all this work on changing from friends to dating has been ruined by him
Do I send him an angry text?
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