I need to get over a fuckboy?

I was casual friends with this guy last year and then suddenly when we were talking one day he told me he'd had a crush on me since last year, since we'd lost touch, we started talking again, i was out of town at the time but we made ample plans for dates and i was honestly really excited to see him.
The day of our first date he started giving me a cold shoulder (even though things were going really well) and I called off the date ofc after that things went sour pretty fast, he completely ghosted me and when I confronted him in person, he said he never meant for anything to happen between us, I was obviously very hurt considering how close we'd gotten. I was absolutely humiliated when he said it was only something for a week etc.
Anyway, he now completely avoids me to the point of lowering his car seat when he sees me in the parking lot with friends. I know it shouldn't still bother me but it does, I can't stop thinking about him even though its been over a month. How do I get over him?
I need to get over a fuckboy?
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