My ex broke up with me due not spending enough time with her, going out, etc...

I was with my ex for almost two years we talked about getting married she even gave me a key to her place, she became upset because I wasn't spending enough time with her, we went out a few times movies,dinner, but it's like that wasn't enough for her she has to beautiful daughters who I love very much, for some reason she started feeling that I wasn't ready for a family even when I explain that I was, my job is very demanding I put in about 14 t0 16 hours a day , I admit at times I made promises to her but didn't keep them due just being so tired from working . what's strange here is she stated she understand but still wanted me there she claim that she really do love me, one day out of the blue after spending time with her just decided not to call me anymore, when I finally got in touch with her after sending ton's of flowers she told me she just needed time in that she wasn't sure if she could believe me anymore, how can she just like that break off with me I'm feeling there's someone else she told me its not please tell me what's going on here I received a text from her saying she will always love me but just can't do it anymore

is it possible we can get things back right I really love her a lot


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not sure why you'd want to get back together with a girl who isn't understanding...

    I mean you work 16 hrs a day and she wants you to go out anyway? wtf? That's unreasonable!

    I think your first clue was "youre not ready for a family." That's code for dude, we're drifting apart...

    two won't return your calls... bad idea...

    you SURE you want her back?


What Guys Said 1

  • I think she just needs time to think about it or she might be going through some rough times in her life and just isn't telling you. Give her a little breathing and she'll be thinking about you.

    Try writing her a today's digital age, a hand-written letter is so refreshing and can work wonders. That's what I did. I got all the information I needed here:==> link

    • great spam dude...

      A letter is good but talking on the phone is better... Anyway expressing your feelings is a good thing. You guys don't tend to do that much, if at all. So the fact that you put an effort should say something IF she's the right girl...

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