Why do guys talk badly about an ex/past relationship?

My first love and I broke up based on lies. We were in a relationship, and his opportunist mother saw an advantage in me and started using me through him. They tried to scam me for a large sum of money but I knew it was a lie, so I didn't give them anything and then next thing you know, two months we're broken up and he made up a lie about why he was breaking up with me (gave me a story about being emotionally damaged, when really I just was no longer useful to them anymore). Now, me and him have a son. He wasn't there during the pregnancy, wasn't there during the birth and still hasn't seen him, and yet he's always talking shit on social media about me to downplay me as a person, and downplay our relationship like it was nothing. It's been months. Months have passed and he's still talking crap and I can't understand why he just won't shut up and stop talking down on our relationship or me for that matter.

He never talked shit about his exes prior, but all of a sudden with me he's always taking jabs here and there after claiming I was his first serious relationship, getting me a promise ring and all those things and now suddenly he has forgotten that and cannot stop being petty. It's been MONTHS. Why is he still talking?
Why do guys talk badly about an ex/past relationship?
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