How do I convince a girl to move on and get over me?

She is in love with me and I told her I wasn't happy because she doesn't commit.. but she insists she's willing to wait for what ever I do because she says I m the perfect guy in the world and I sweep her off I feet.. I've always had the problem of getting girls too attached to me.. so its hard for me to tell them I m not interested anymore.. any ideas?


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  • Give her another chance, see how it turns out. If you're still interested, that is. If not, tell her that you've moved on and it can't be more than friendship. Stay friends with her but nothing more. Besides... if she loved you so much, then she would have been more responsive! If she can't commit, then the whole "I love you, you're the one for me" is bullsh*t and she probably just wants you for your looks/to show off to other people how "hot" her boyfriend is...


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