My girlfriend is moving here but she wants to chill with me?

my parents don't know about her and I don't know how it will work with our age difference and I don't know how to tell my mom how we met. how do I come out with out being kicked out


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  • now that is a difficault I am strate but my older sister is a lesbion and I have knowen for I don't know since I was 12 and we were looking at girls but my dad he is real I don't know how to say it hi sead if any of use turn gay he dose not want anything to do with use but I stood buy her and held her hand when she told him at first he was he showed anger but I know it hurt him so I talked to him it took him a bit but now hi can see what I am trying to say is if you have someont there to help and talk to it will help a lot not only with telling people but your confedance to


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