Will he ever want me back again, or is it done for good?

My boyfriend of 8 months and I had a super strong bond. He's very physically attracted to me and we have a lot of fun together. However, whenever he finds me annoying for a certain period of time where I do things that are manipulative/needy, he'll leave me and ask for a break. We've been through this once and our last "break" took about two weeks. I hadn't seen him in two months and I accused him of cheating on me from a gut feeling and kept insisting, he got annoyed, and dumped me for a break. During the time apart he kissed the girl I accused him of cheating on me with, and he considered dating her, but instead decided to fix my trust issues/I was his top priority.

Things weren't too great after that, because I became paranoid about the girl (who is now a very close friend to him). I constantly checked his phone, asked him to make lists of why she was gross, asked him if he was talking to her, and picked random fights about her all the time. Aside from that, I started other fights about other random things. He'd get frustrated to the point of tears, and I guess I didn't get the message that I was stressing him out. He had enough of my manipulation and controlling behavior and asked if we could have some time apart.

It's been three weeks so far and I've kept in decent contact with him. I've seen him twice in person and both times he treats me like I'm his girlfriend (physically) but doesn't want an emotional connection again until he sees a change. He told me he needs time to see it, no matter HOW much I apologized (he said it could be as short as a week to as long as a month or two). Unfortunately during the break I picked even more fights out of my frustration of him leaving me (bad move, I know).

For the past few days we've been on a really good note and I'm trying so hard to be nice to him. Reality DEFINITELY hit this time around about how I was treating him. I took something so great and spoiled it, when I know I'm not that kind of girl.

he says he doesn't think we're done for good, but it's clear right now he does not want back in. is it fair for me to wait? does it sound like he'll come back?

thanks in advance, everyone.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think he'll come back to you if you give him a bit of space and stop stalking him around.. guys always do that wen you suddenly take away all your attention..

    As for u, you totally deserved it.. and wen he's back.. you should probably give him a bit of space and trust him.. he won't b able to cheat on you then.. and trust me, u'll get to keep him this time.. :)


What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't want you to be his girlfriend. He only wants to have sex with you. "He treats me like I'm his girlfriend (physically) but doesn't want an emotional connection again until he sees a change." And why do you have to change? He doesn't sound like he's so great. He also needs to change.

    He could very well be cheating on you. Did you hear him say to you that you are exclusive? Probably not. You are only guessing that he is being exclusive with you when you should be more smart about this and really thinking about what he is doing. If he is treating you in this way and you think it is unfair, which you clearly do, you have every right to tell him to get the hell out of your life. You only want him because he doesn't want you. That is not healthy and you are only hurting yourself more by staying with him. He will be fine either way, but you should take back your control by letting him go.


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