Being friends with my ex?

After she broke up with me, she wanted to stay friends. But she does nothing to back it up.
After 7 months she's still single, but occasionally sleeps with other women (bisexual) but she doesn't really hook up with me (in a friends way I mean).
I must say I'm still in love with her, but I'm doing my best NOT to letting that show to her. But, as exes, we both feel the tension between us IF we meet up when talking. When the subject is right, it's all okay, but I do feel we are avoiding certain subjects such as relationships, dating and other personal stuff.

Like I said, I do really like her and don't want to lose her (I actually want her back but that's another question) but how do I get her in a way so she feels as an actual friend instead of an acquaintance?
Being friends with my ex??
Being friends with my ex?
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