Ex over me or not? Don't know

My ex broke up with me three months ago and we didn't see each other for about 2 months due to us being home from college. Now its started back we're in the same society.

His reason for breaking up with me is that he didn't want a serious relationship. We were together for about 4 months so it was probably when the honeymoon period ended and he started to thin about whether or not I am girlfriend material.

We hardly talk anymore and I know that he likes another girl in our society, although they are not yet together. Having said that I catch him looking at me quite a lot and the first night we saw each other after the breakup (about 2 months later) he was saying that I am very special to him and one of his best friends (he even put his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead). So many mixed messages and I don't know whether or not he is 100% over me. I am not sure whether or not I definately want to get back with him or not but I do still kind of have feelings for him and am very interested to know why he likes this other girl when he didn't want a relationship with me.

Your thoughts?


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  • Yes, he's over you.


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