Should I talk to my ex?

under what conditions would you advise me to talk to my ex...he doesn't live near me.. he broke up with me a year ago ..we were together for 4 years.. he put me through a lot... is it OK if I talk to him every now and then or no ?


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  • I would not advise you to talk to him unless you're forced to choose between talking to him or talking to hungry alligators.

    If you two were meant to be friends after the break up, it would happen naturally. You aren't going to gain anything from a friendship from someone who lives far away anyways.

    • You're riight.... thanks

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  • Why exactly you want to talk to him. ?You didn't mention any of the good thing which making you feel like talking to him.

    If you want to move on in life then this is a good chance for you just to stop any contacts with him and move on since its been one year already and the memories has been fade away a bit.

    • Because I don't have a boy friend I can talk to and he has been the only one I've been so close to like that...but yep you're right...thanks for your advice

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